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Some of ya'll have brought to my attention some of the odd things that ya'll have been experiencing the last few weeks and what ya'll think it might be or what it has been speculated is causing this. One of the odd occurrences that have happened is one of ya'll and a friend has seen "ghost" cars in Austin especially. It’ll appear from nowhere and you will follow it for
A while and disappear. Correct me if I don't remember correctly but this has happened in particular areas the most. Around relatives homes. When this individual told me about this it freaked me out a bit, the first thing that came to mind was that something was going to happen to those relatives, especially the children. Like they would be kidnapped. This individual told me they felt that it had more to do with a car wreck or some other event with a car. Another event that was mentioned in the same conversation was that this individual has just recently noticed a house in Gause and is especially drawn to it. This individual thinks in one of their past life’s they had something to do with this house since they can "see" how this house looks all fixed up.
One thing that I mentioned in this conversation is the reoccurring dream I’ve been having for around 2 yrs now. The dreams differ some each dream but most are the same. It involves the man I call the "dark stranger" for he has dark hair, gray or brown eyes (both colors, depending on the dream), he/we are dressed (depending on the dream) in medieval like garb or in military uniforms or in regular cloths, in all of them he is a pagan (druid actually), from Scotland,
And some form of royalty like king or prince (depending on dream), in the modern ones we are either in the military together or next door nabiors in apartments while I’m away at school somewhere and he is in school there too. In the medieval ones I am a priestess and he is a trained druid with dragons on his arms and either a prince or king. I always feel at ease with him, comfortable, like I’ve known him forever. When I told that individual most of this. Not all. They thought it was his "shadow", 2nd soul, trying to prepare me for meeting him, that he would teach me something and/or that he is the one that I am meant to be with and that we have had many life’s together. Back to the topic of the last few weeks, these dreams have become more frequent and more clear; I can remember most if not all of them for several days... like they have actually happened. Other than that I have had a hard time sleeping, and concentrating, and have felt a sense of urgency. If anyone has anything they would like to share with the rest of us or opinions on these occurrences they would like the share with us at: